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As announced on Forbes and Reuters earlier today. 

There is approximately $1 billion of added revenue per year in the Employer of Record (EOR) industry, yet even with the strong customer demand in this category, the customer journey has not been touched by artificial intelligence.

Given the frustrations my co-founder, Sean, and I have had in building international teams over our careers, we’re here to change that with the announcement of our new company, Borderless AI.

  • The main scoop: Today we’re excited that our company Borderless AI is emerging from stealth with $27 million in seed funding to leverage the power of generative AI to automate and accelerate the process of onboarding, managing, and paying international team members. The round was led by Susquehanna and Aglaé Ventures, the venture arm of Bernard Arnault, currently the richest man in the world, with participation from additional institutional investors.

  • An industry first: Borderless AI is the first AI-powered company in the HR and Employer of Record space. It comes at a time of increased investment and interest in vertical-specific AI, with numerous companies like Harvey for legal services and Sierra for customer service leading the way and drawing attention to the critical need for AI agents across verticals.

  • Bringing an AI agent to HR: Borderless AI has developed the HR industry’s first AI Agent, Alberni which removes friction across many facets of the HR stack. Alberni can perform tasks for HR teams and international employees such as generating compliant employment agreements within minutes, facilitating international expense reimbursements, facilitating mundane employee onboarding tasks and much more.

  • Streamlining complex processes: Alberni is available in 170 languages and is available on mobile. It leverages conversational AI so that users can perform most tasks in one sitting. For instance, instead of waiting 5-10 days and spending upwards of $10,000.00 for an international labor lawyer to draft an employment agreement, Alberni will do so in minutes. 

  • Strategic partnerships enhance our vision: Our Strategic Alliance with Cohere will allow us to work closely together to implement AI solutions for common HR challenges — and we are the only Cohere partner bringing these AI solutions to the EOR space.

We’re here to disrupt the HR industry by doing what hasn’t been done before. In addition to our suite of global employment offerings, our AI agent, Alberni, has been trained on Borderless AI's proprietary datasets and has been enhanced through partnerships with leading global legal and consulting firms such as PwC and Norton Rose Fulbright. With this knowledge base and in partnership with Cohere, Alberni implements Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology to provide industry-leading accuracy and reliability on top of our generative AI models.

Borderless AI's emergence today underscores the broader, industry-wide shift toward specialized AI solutions, marking a pivotal moment in the "Vertical AI Boom" that's reshaping various professional sectors. We’re excited to partner with all types of companies, from buy now pay later platform PayBright to fintech startup Affiniti, to bring true economic empowerment to the world.

Exciting times ahead! 


Co-Founder & CEO

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