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We're excited to announce the appointment of Beth Steinberg, the former Chief People Officer at Chime, to our Board of Advisors. Beth brings a wealth of experience and insight, which will be invaluable as we continue to revolutionize the Employer of Record (EOR) industry with our cutting-edge AI solutions.

Advancing Global HR with Expertise and Innovation

Beth Steinberg’s appointment follows our $27 million seed funding round in March 2024. This significant milestone underscores our commitment to harness the power of generative AI to streamline and enhance the complexities of global HR management. Beth’s extensive background in human resources will help us further our mission to automate and accelerate the onboarding, managing, and paying of international team members.

Our AI agent, Alberni, is designed to tackle the most challenging HR tasks. From generating global employment agreements to onboarding new hires, Alberni uses conversational AI to complete these processes in minutes. Beth's expertise will be crucial as we continue to develop and refine these innovative solutions.

A Leader with a Vision

“Having an acute sense of the HR industry is critical to ensure we are providing products and services to our customers that drive real value and impact,” says Willson Cross, co-founder and CEO of Borderless AI. “Beth brings vast expertise and understanding of the nuances of the human resources category, and her leadership experience and passion for innovation will help Borderless AI equip organizations with the tools and information they need to scale globally and deliver results for their people.”

Beth's extensive resume includes her role as Chief People Officer at Chime, where she developed and executed strategic HR programs that spurred team growth and organizational development. Her vision aligns perfectly with our goal of making talent truly borderless, simplifying global HR processes, and helping companies build diverse, high-performing teams.

Driving Change in HR

Beth’s influence extends beyond Chime. With over 30 years in HR leadership and advisory roles at top companies like Meta, Nike, Electronic Arts, and Nordstrom, she has driven significant changes and impacts across various organizations. Additionally, her role as a committed member of the HR community, advisor at Contra and Felicis, and founder of Mensch Ventures, exemplifies her dedication to advancing the HR field.

Beth’s collaboration with Leonard Shen, another recent addition to our advisory board, will fortify Borderless AI’s position in the EOR market. Leonard’s expertise in compliance from his time at Visa and PayPal complements Beth’s HR acumen, creating a powerhouse team poised to propel our growth and innovation.

Join Us on Our Journey

Beth Steinberg’s appointment marks a significant step forward for Borderless AI. We are thrilled to have her on board as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in global HR. Her leadership and vision will help us deliver unparalleled value to our clients, enabling them to harness the full potential of the world’s talent pool.

About Borderless AI

Borderless AI enables businesses to compliantly hire and manage talent worldwide without establishing a foreign entity. We alleviate the complexities and risks associated with hiring global employees with zero deposits, dedicated in-house support, and AI-powered global employment law resources.

Contact us today and discover how you can quickly and compliantly build your global team with no upfront costs. 

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